Takin It Back Mix

Oh, hello there. Would you like about 35min of fun/dope/radical party jams for tonight? I suggest you throw this on a little after midnight if you were born between about 77 and 90. All 80’s/90’s party stuff. 

Also fun for working out - or so people that do that kind of thing tell me. 


Happy New Year and all of that!

50 Cent “Crash Concert”

EP/Director: Rick Savage

DP: George Woolley

Editor: Craig Rice

Man, some good memories here. Airborne Toxic Event GO Show. On a MTA bus. In LA. Party.

Just got my custom @Nike Destroyer jacket! Thanks to @NickCRSVR and @DJVice! Love it. 

Kings clinch with Dustin Brown empty net goal. Unreal. @kevsmets filmed. I lost my mind.

"White guys wave like this. Black guys wave like this." #SavageStandup

"White guys wave like this. Black guys wave like this." #SavageStandup

Happy Friday, now watch this to feel good. Fugees. Apollo. How amazing was Lauryn? Try to watch this without bustin a move in your chair. One of the best hip hop performances ever.